Our story

Fashion brand LuLu Couture was founded in 2011. with a clear vision from the start. The owner and creative director, Martina Tutić wanted to offer women everyday, comfortable clothing pieces that would easily express their style and attitude. Having given up classic seasonly design very early, LuLu Couture creates their clothes taking into account primarily the wishes of customers and aesthetic refinement sewn in all of the LuLu pieces from day one. This way, LuLu Couture offers always something new and unique in the Croatian fashion market. LuLu Couture clients are all women, without restrictions in age and style. However, they have one thing in common. They all lead very busy lives and their clothing is supposed to support that lifestyle – it should be made of natural materials, be functional and durable and not subject to trends. LuLu Couture collection offers just that. It is the perfect basis of every good style story. LuLu Couture is sold in our store in Masarykova sreet 10, Zagreb, and online on www.lulucouture.eu. All LuLu Couture clothing is produced in Croatia.